Bridge Week

June 23, Sunday

In the CWTC, the last 18 boards of the CWTC had everyone pacing the floor. CROSBY had an 11 imp deficit. Adachi and Gold, the more experienced pair of ADACHI, by all accounts played flawlessly and McDonald and Fung were convinced there was little opportunity for gain. As the match wound up at the other table, there was a crowd of close to 100 observing the last board and comparison. The result, CROSBY had won the match by 4 imps.

In the CNTCB CHARI was down by 49 at the half and reduced that by only 4 imps in the 3rd quarter. Could they recover? In the end, no - and PULLES wins the CNTCB 157-79.

The CNTCA Quarterfinals, TODD never really got off the ground against GARTAGANIS, who was leading coming into the 4th quarter 129-115 but scored 80 imps in the final stanza to end 209-122. In the other QF match, JONES met a similar fate, losing to MAKSYMETZ 173-72 after withdrawing before the final quarter. There are 4 teams left in this event (remember, there were two 'byes' out of the round robin). Winners of the round robin, NOWLAN, have chosen Maksymetz for their semi-final opponent, so FERGANI will play JONES.

The COPC Finals are underway toay. Click Here for Finalists.

WASN'T THAT A PARTY! - Participants enjoyed t he 2002 Bridge Week at the Welcoming Party - click here for pics | Click here for general Hospitality shots.

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Pat Lopushinsky, Susan Culham,
Lorna McDonald, Kismet Fung, Bob Crosby (NPC)

Ron Pegg, Brent Moulding, Jay Anderson, John Pulles