Bridge Week



For the second time in three years, two friends separated by a whole bunch of wilderness, (and flying from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay is a lesson in empty space), Dave McLellan, from Thunder Bay and Bill Treble from Winnipeg are the Canadian Open Pairs Champions. As can be seen from the results table (click here), Dave and Bill matchpointed to a very respectable 378 over two sessions and bested Charlie Roberts from Red Deer and Glenn Cossey from Innisfail by almost half a board.

1 Dave McLellan, Thunder Bay ON; Bill Treble, Winnipeg MB 378.08
2 Charles Roberts, Red Deer AB; Glenn Cossey, Innisfail AB 371.19
3 Alex Fowlie - Steve Willard, Edmonton AB 360.08
4 Faith Pritchard - Barry Pritchard, Edmonton AB 358.61
5 Jim Priebe - Joan Priebe, Mississauga ON 358.40
6 Neil Kimelman, Winnipeg MB; Bob Kuz, St. Andrews MB 356.79
7 John Duquette, Oshawa ON; Allan Smith, Peterborough ON 352.94
8 Kiz Fung - Piotr Klimowicz, Edmonton AB 348.07
9 Jerry Richardson, London ON; Alan Lee, Willowdale ON 347.50
10 Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB; Bernie Lambert, Viking AB 342.21
11 Robert Toffan - Wayne Shaw, Edmonton AB 341.76
12 Ross Armour - Curtis Stock, Edmonton AB 334.91
13 Steve Lawrence, Calgary AB; Lisa Cabay, Edmonton AB 333.65
14 Andrew Speers - Lawrence Dubrofsky, Edmonton AB 331.65
15 Martin Henneberger, Vancouver BC; Dianne Isfeld, Coquitlam BC 326.81
16 Alvin Baragar - Harold Brend, Edmonton AB 320.06
17 Glenn Lefebvre - Hash Mohamed, Calgary AB 317.43
18 Glen Andersen, Busby AB; Kathy Engel, Sherwood Park AB 313.39