Bridge Week

THE CREW - Gilbert Lambert, Steve Bates (sitting and DIC) and Tim Ayers.

VIP TEAM - Presidential PRIEBE battles it out in the CNTC with Joan Priebe, CBF President Jim Priebe, Brian Fraser, and ACBL President George Retek.

June 21, Friday

Things are heating up in Edmonton, with five more matches in the CNTCA round robin today and the CNTCB and CWTC play their semi-final matches.

In the CNTCA it was beginning to look like the Nowlan sextet from Edmonton (with one Red Deer import) was going to be unbeatable until match 12 last night when the Jones team scored a near-blitz and drew them back towards the tightly congested pack (albeit not out of first place). With 64 boards to play today, Gartaganis is holding onto 6th spot, 34 VPs behind the leaders but only 8 VPs ahead of 11th. It's a cluster! MAKSYMETZ made up for two terrible rounds early in the RR, and sits 2nd, FERGANI sits 3rd (no surprise to see this team in the top 6) and dark horse TODD is hanging in there.

In the CNTCB, leading by a single VP at the beginning of yesterday, CHAN from BC scored three virtual blitzes to end the Round Robin with an impressive 19 VP cusion. The Chan team was full of confidence after six near blitzes and winning all but 4 of the total VPs available in the last 5 matches after their embarrassing loss to YURKOWSKI on Wednesday morning. Needless to say, when time came to select an opponent for this morning, they avoided Yurkowski like a bad rash and selected 3rd place CHARI. YURKOWSKI will pit skills with PULLES. CHAN stands to be a big threat but CHARI has come back from a slow start and put a real run on the last seven matches winning six by impressive margins.

In the CWTC we have an interesting collection of teams in the semi-finals - each have players of reliable skill, players of experience and wild cards. As always, these kinds of teams can work incredibly well, or incredibly poorly. So far, the ADACHI mixture seems to be of the former variety. As expected ADACHI won the round robin and chose SHARP, whom they blitzed in Rnd 6 of the RR, as their semi-final opponents. Both CROSBY and PRICHARD handed Adachi their only two round robin losses albeit they were small defeats on the VP scale. This leaves PRICHARD to redress the defeat they suffered to CROSBY in Rnd 8.

We will do our best to report results in a timely fashion - however, do consider that our onsite reporter is up until 5am producing the Bulletin, so is definately sleeping during most of the morning sessions.

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ADACHI WINS ROUND ROBIN - Leslie Gold, Marcia Christie, Kathy Adachi, Grace Jeklin) and chooses SHARP (below) for the Semis. CROSBY (bottom) plays PRICHARD (not shown)