Bridge Week

A HAT A DAY - Jym Galand sports his Day Two Bonnet


June 19, 2002

Only two matches for the CNTC Open on Day One of the competition - not enough to get a good feel for the field but we have some powerful squads warming up. Our Canadian Gold Medalists, GARTAGANIS, present a 4-bagger, missing fellow medalists Jones (who has his own team 6), Silver (playing for Lebi) and Gitelman, who played for the USA (now lives in Las Vegas) in the recent USBC, losing in the semi-finals (see link at left).They sit 8 vps behind dark horse leaders, TODD.Currently in 2nd place is LAWRENCE - a gathering of eclectic talent with lots of sound bridge skill and experience. In third sits MAKSYMETZ, a 4-man squad sharing 9 previous CNTC wins between them. Most notably those of Allan Graves who has won the CNTC 5 times including the first ever CNTC Championship in 1980 (on a team with George Mittelman, Eric Kokish, Peter Nagy, Eric Murray, and Sami Kehela) Lots of luminaries here this week!

Three matches done in the CNTC B after day one. SODERSTROM leads the field of 10 teams. CHAN is 6 behind in 2nd, and PETRICK sits in 3rd. Last year's CNTCB winner Drew Petrick captains an entirely new squad of Flt Bers this year.

Three matches complete in the CWTC. The small field of 9 teams is one of compact talent. Gordie Sharp's Albertans enjoy a huge lead after 2 blitzes. They are the team to watch - none appear in the CWTC champions list but certainly Jill Savage and Lisa Cabay are well known in the national bridge arena and Alberta seems to be Canada's current talent-pot (it was only a matter of time). 14 VPs behind we find LEVI, and then ADACHI (more on these ladies later).

I won't be reprinting team rosters in these daily summaries - links in the left column on page one will take everywhere you need to go and please - feel free to email me! Especially if you are unable to find a link (thanks Ray).

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