All pre-alerts are posted below. Defenses to approved ACBL Mid-Chart conventions can be found at - CLICK HERE

No other pre-alerts will be allowed past the deadline for submission specified in the Conditions of Contest.

No pair will be allowed to use a Mid-Chart or Super-Chart convention for which a pre-alert (and a suggested defense if one is not included in the ACBL Defense database) was not submitted by the specified deadline.

If you encounter a pair playing a pre-alert that was not posted on the CBF website, please call the director.

All pairs are required to have with them at the table two copies of their pre-alerts and suggested defenses (the ACBL defense if one exists). Failure to do so will result in the pair not being allowed to play the convention(s) in question.


Team 1

Bart-Kimelman Click Here
Fisher-Todd Click Here
Todd-Fisher-Kimelman-Bart Click Here

Team 5

Clemens-Chan Click Here

Team 8

Cloutier-Gregoire Click Here and Here
Martineau-Chartrand Click Here

Team 11

L'Ecuyer-Marcinski Click Here


information to come...


Team 55

Smith Click Here