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The Gathering of the Clan

By Bob Christie

Every year about this time, that weird group of people called Bridge Players send their very best to some remote location to play a game they all love in order to choose the best of the best. Some feel it strange that we would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to sit in a windowless room when the sun is shining, the beach is warm and inviting, the golf courses are in full swing, but, is it any stranger than a bunch of burly men attired in dresses throwing telephone poles for glory (often in the rain).

Once again Canada Bridge Week is upon us and this year Penticton B.C. is the place. Long a hotbed of tournament bridge, with the second largest Regional in North America starting the week after Bridge Week, the local organizers have, once again made Bridge welcome. And that welcome has seen a gratifying response. 22 teams is the limit in the CNTC-A and this year we have a full slate. Last year we only had 9 teams for the ladies event, but this year we have 14. The only drop is in the CNTC Flight B, down from 10 last year to 9 this year.

One notable change from last year is renewed participation from Atlantic Canada. Last year we had representation from Quebec and west, but no team from Atlantic Canada made the trip to Edmonton. This year Carol Thompson, her partner Winnie Nickerson, both from Halifax, NS; have partnered with John and Lynne Tolson of Bedford, NS to bring representation from far off Atlantic, Canada to this premier bridge event in Canada. Welcome Carol, Winnie, Lynne and John. Wear that New Scotland Tartan with pride and we anticipate that when you return to your home turf you will tell your friends about the wonders of Bridge Week and we will see more teams from Atlantic Canada next year when St Catherines hosts the bash.

Those who are packing their bags, you are both wise and fortunate to be selected to come. Those who are sitting at home, follow the exploits of your favorite teams on this website and, next year, circle June 19th to 26th and plan to get qualified, come and play. It is an experience you will never forget.