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A Kibitzer's Dream
Watching the CNTC Final in the comfort of your own home

For those who would, if they could, gather around the table as the two best teams in Canada (this year anyway), battle for the CNTC Championships on Monday, June 24th, thanks to Fred Gitelman and his Bridge Base Online, you can do it from the comfort of your home. And it really is pretty easy.

Here is what you do:

Bring up your internet browser and direct it to

Follow the instructions on this page to download and install the software:

Start by clicking on the line that says Click here to download the setup program for Bridge Base Online

It works well to simply open (rather than save) the install program.

Once the program is downloaded, follow the instructions until it says install and then do the installation.

If you have problems, there are help addresses to write to, but if you are going to have a problem, particularly if you are an AOL user, do it before Monday morning.

Once the software is installed you never have to go to the Bridge Base Online web site again in order to log in although there are pointers their for lots of other good stuff.

When the install (not just installation) process is finished an icon for BBO will appear on the desktop. Double click on it to launch the program
A window will appear with 3 big buttons.

Click the 'Log in to Bridge Base Online' button.

A log in window will appear. If you are new to this site, click the New member button. A new window will appear. Fill in the details and click OK button.

After a few seconds a big window will appear and you will be logged in. Towards the bottom of this window there are 6 big buttons. One of these will say ìVugraph Theatreî and, if a live broadcast is in progress, it will be noted on this button. Click this button to enter the Vugraph Theatre.

If a live broadcast is in progress there will be another big button at the bottom of the Vugraph Theatre that says something like ìBroadcast in progress - Click here to watch!î Click it.

Sit watch the show.

Cheer for your favorite team, but if you are eating popcorn keep your fingers off the cards to prevent them from getting sticky.

Finally, Fred advises that he will try to get a couple of leading bridge players, not in the final to provide commentary. It should be a good show and you are well advised not to miss it if possible.

Bob Christie