Was it the "eloquence" of Mary Moulton or the buffet? There were more than 40 people at the CBF meeting. The discussion were intense. We talked about the CBF vs ACBL. The schedule and the format of the Bridge Week and many more subjects. Im sending you pictures of Mary, Nick and George taken at the meeting this morning... Robert Paul


August, 2001, Montreal PQ

Over 40 members attended the annual general meeting of the Canadian Bridge Federation, held at the Dorval Hilton, Montreal, on Wednesday, August 8th. A lively and interactive discussion by all made the event interesting and provocative. This is a particularly exciting time for bridge in Canada and it was reassurring to see so many members attend the AGM and offer input on topics such as bridge education, national championships format, the CBF feasibility study on becoming an independent Federation, our new Code of Conduct...and more.

All members are invited to provide input and feedback on issues pertaining to bridge in Canada. Just write, call or talk to your Zone Director, or any CBF Board member.