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2011 SportAccord World Mind Games PDF Print E-mail
It's nearly time for one of this year's most prestigious events, the SportAccord World Mind Games, which is to be hosted in Beijing from 10th – 16th December.

The participants are:
Men: China, Netherlands, Norway and USA
Women: China, France, Great Britain and USA

The total prize money for Bridge is USD 250,000 (see below for full details)

In addition to Bridge, four other Mind Sports will also participate in the SportAccord World Mind Games: Chess, Go, Draughts and Chinese Chess (Xianqi).

SportAccord: http://www.worldmindgames.net/en/
IMSA: http://www.imsaworld.com/
WBF: http://www.worldbridge.org/home.asp

These sites will provide coverage of the event, together with the results. In addition, all tables during the team event and most tables during the pairs and individual tournaments will be broadcast on BBO and Ourgame.

BBO: http://www.bridgebase.com
Ourgame: http://register.ourgame.com/special/foreign/