Applicable Convention Charts

  • The ACBL Open+ Chart applies in all stages of the CNTC-A
  • The ACBL Open Chart applies in all stages of the CMTC, CNTC-B, CSTC, CWTC, COPC and CIPC
  • The ACBL Basic+ Chart applies in all stages of the CNTC-C
Accordingly, pre-alerts and suggested defenses are only required from pairs playing in the CNTC-A, and only if they play any of the following:
  1. An Artificial 1-level opening bid showing Length only in a known suit other than the one opened, unless that bid is also Strong and Forcing.
  2. An Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT that does not show at least one known suit.

Description of the charts - CLICK HERE.

Pre-Alerts - CNTC-A

    Team 2 - Gartaganis
            Zaluski - Smith: Click here
            Balcombe - Thurston: Click here

    Team 16 - Todd
            All partnerships: Click here