"Team Saguenay" Victorious in Last Minute Win. Meet the members of Bouchard. - click here. PHOTO: Front row : Solange Bouchard, Marcelle Tremblay, Patricia Gagnon, Lise Lapointe Back row : Martine Lacroix, Pascale Gaudreault

Paulsson must be happy with 2nd place this year. Winning the first three quarters of the CWTC Finals was not quite enough to bring home the trophy for Helen Colter and her hardworking team.

  Bouchard wins the 2001 CWTC

Montreal, August 2001 - After a huge Round Robin performance, Bouchard was barely able to flex their muscles in the CWTC semi-finals against Fox when they were given their semi-final match by forfeit. A nice evening off, hopefully somewhere cool eh?

Paulsson and Marsch were not so lucky - they had to play cards right up to the bitter end although after their first quarter win by 11, Marsch never really challenged the seasoned Colter, er, I mean Paulsson team. So it would be Bouchard and Paulsson playing for the 'money'... or software! GOTO Software presented copies of their new bridge software, GOGO Bridge II, to the winners of the CNTC and CWTC.

Paulsson was the victor of the first two quarters in the Finals of the CWTC, winning the first quarter by 6 and the 2nd quarter by 11. Small steps that just might have taken them to a big win - and a long-awaited title for Colter and Foster who have been in this position before but it was not to be!

Bouchard closed in on Paulsson during the 3rd quarter, trailing by 8 and in the final stretch, vaulted past winning the final quarter 35-11 and the Championship 164-148.

Click Here for story of the finals, in French


1. Solange Bouchard, Martine Lacroix, Patricia Gagnon, Pascale Gaudreault, Marcelle Tremblay (Chicoutimi, QC), Lise Lapointe (Jonquiere, QC)

2. Shelagh Paulsson (Toronto, ON), Helen Colter (Fredericton, NB), Sallie Caty (Oakville, ON), Elizabeth Redrupp, Rhonda Foster (Vancouver, BC)

3/4. Sandra Fox (Sackville, NB), Louise Fisher (New Glasgow, NS), Mary Cotter, Alice Manzer (Fredericton, NB), Elizabeth Legacy (Bras d'Or, Cape Breton, NS)

3/4. Maureen Marsch, Lorraine Serlin, Caroline Levy, Marilyn Walder (Winnipeg, MB)